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Plywood Folding Table

Cargo Furniture offers exquisite furniture, such as plywood folding tables and other accessories for special events, including weddings, red carpet events, corporate meetings, trade shows, and conferences. Being one of the largest event furniture manufacturers and wholesalers, our inventory is unmatched, providing you the assurance that we can meet all your needs and requirements for your wedding or bridal shower.

We Offer You High-End Plywood Folding Tables

Chairs and tables are an event necessity, whether it is a birthday party or a corporate dinner. At Cargo Furniture, you will find tables, chairs, linens, and tablecloths in virtually every size, shape, and style imaginable. And that is not all; you get the chance to work with one of our special event professionals. They can design the best configuration and placement for your plywood folding tables and chairs so that you can get the most out of your space and delight your guests.

Cargo furniture is the plywood folding table wholesaler

We have made a mark in the event and hospitality industry by providing unique, upscale, and sturdy furniture to social, corporate, wedding, conference, and trade show event professionals. Our service strengths and creativity combined with our expansive furniture inventory make Cargo Furniture a go-to resource that most leading industry companies have come to rely on for their event furniture needs.

Our Plywood Folding Tables

Cargo Furniture’s plywood folding tables are essential for banquets and events. They are made of high-quality plywood, selected steel, and foam. Our round plywood folding tables and rectangle plywood folding tables are the most suitable choice for big events, such as weddings. And folding is a fantastic design feature of our plywood wedding tables.

Our plywood folding tables are easy to transport and, hence, save a lot of space. Also, Cargo Furniture supplies all types of table linens, covers, centerpieces, and banquet chairs. Cargo Furniture is a premium wholesaler of top-notch furniture for wedding receptions and bridal showers. If you can imagine it, Cargo Furniture can help all your wedding dreams come true.

Round Plywood Folding Tables

Our round plywood folding tables are great as they offer superior handling, durability, and linen protection when compared to the competition. A white color PVC with foam covered top helps prevent warping, damage, and splintering.  Our round plywood folding tables can seat up to 12 adults and weigh only 30 kg. Our plywood folding tables are perfect for events, such as weddings and bridal showers, where a large number of individuals have to sit near one another.

Unlike conventional folding tables, that limit conversations to the individuals sitting adjacent to each other, our round plywood folding tables are excellent as they allow all those seated to have ready and easy access to one another. Our round wedding tables make seating plans simpler and easier, especially for special events, such as banquets, corporate lunches, and bar mitzvahs.

Our round plywood folding tables are all about durability and class. These round folding tables have a sturdy, super-strong plywood core and a PVC top that resists scratches as well as warping.

Rectangular Plywood Wedding and Banquet Tables

Our rectangular plywood folding tables are perfect for banquets, conferences, weddings, clubs, and hotels. They comprise of plywood with foldable and sturdy powder-coated steel legs. These 6-foot rectangular folding tables feature a 20 mm thick and sturdy plywood top, white PVC and foam covered surface with a strong black T mold edge band.

This is why our banquet tables help to avoid the noise of cutlery and other tools heating the top of the trestle table. Our plywood tables also have a unique and reliable spring-loaded leg mechanism, making our tables easy to stack and store. The tables come with a 3-year guarantee.

Semi Circular Plywood folding Tables

Our half-round or semi-circular folding banquet tables with plywood tops are great for buffets, weddings, beverage service, gifts, and more. You will love their commercial construction with sturdy and powder-coated folding legs. You can decorate your serpentine table with your preferred table runners or tablecloth colors that we provide.  These tables can seat up to eight adults and can withstand a weight of about 300 kg.

Plywood Folding Table

8 Ft Wood Folding Table (WF180)

Plywood Folding Table

Half Round Folding Table (HMF150)

Plywood Folding Table

Round Wood Folding Table (WY150)

Plywood Folding Table

Square Folding Table (SWF150)

Plywood Folding Table

Wood Folding Banquet Table (wf60)