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How to order high-quality banquet chairs—-The complete buying guide

When you enter the hotel banquet hall, the first one catch your eyes are the banquet chairs.
With the white chairs covers and sashes, these banquet chairs are looking high end and luxury.
There are different quality banquet chairs you can find in market or internet, how to find a reliable supplier to buy high-end chairs is difficult for you, here are some details you should know When to buy banquet chairs:
There are different kinds of banquet chairs material you can choose, aluminum, steel, wood, plastic.

1.Aluminum Banquet Chairs

Aluminum banquet chairs lightweight and never get rusty, widely use in high-end banquet halls.
Lightweight, easy to stacking up to 15 pcs when you store in the warehouse, save your limited space.
Never get rusty, you can use it everywhere, like mountain, beach, or other places no problem.
As the aluminum pipe is soft, it can be custom in different shapes, like ”U”, “H”, flat and others, they make chairs look more especially in your events.
With different color fabric or vinyl upholstery padded, banquet chairs can safely support your customer weight and enjoy seating.
After different color powder coating, banquet chairs can be gold, black, silver for your different requirements.
Aluminum banquet chairs are one of the best for hotel banquet hall commercial use.

2.Steel Banquet Chairs

Compare with aluminum banquet chairs, steel banquet chairs are a better choice for your limited budget, it is cheaper but heavier than aluminum banquet chairs.
As steel banquet chairs heavier, they can only stacking 10 pcs per 1 package, it is better to use a banqueting chairs trolley when you move chairs to hall or warehouse.
Steel banquet chairs coming with covers and sashes, white chairs covers with color sashes make your event more beautiful, customer happier on your decoration.
It should better stay steel banquet chairs far from the beach and high moisture area, even after 3 times powder coating, they still can get rusty after 3 years used.

3.Wood Banquet Chairs

Wood Banquet chairs, the most classic chairs for the Wood Chiavari chairs, cross back chairs, Louis chairs are popular till now.
Made of solid wood frame, banquet chairs are very stronger and can use for years, compared with metal banquet chairs, it takes a long time to load as much process during manufacture. when you order wood banquet chairs should consider this point.
They can be different colors in wood banquet chairs, like limewash, gold, white, fruit color. Also can in different upholstery in padded, loose fabric padded, rattan padded, wood padded, etc.
They can match your different occasions when friends or customers visit.

4.Plastic Banquet Chairs

Plastic banquet chairs, another popular chair for banquet hall use. Like a crystal, lightweight, easy stacking are plastic banquet chairs advantages that you can’t miss it.
High-temperature polycarbonate injection, integrated design make plastic banquet chairs heavy support 300 kg no problem.
Colorful plastic banquet chairs for your wedding or events, clear like a crystal, white for weddings, black, amber, blue, pink match your request. they widely use in indoor and outdoor parties, as it is UV stable.
Which banquet chairs best for your events? Contact us for more discussion, you can find a professional solution from us.