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Cargo Furniture’s folding chairs, available in different materials and colors, are comfortable for dining, sitting, and relaxing. Our folding chairs are ideal for break rooms, conferences, weddings, and other upscale events, such as corporate events.  And they are also easy to clean and stack effortlessly.

Our wood and plastic folding chairs are effortless to work with, and transporting them is simple. This is why your clients and guests will love them when they have to stay in budget but also want to add a stylish and elegant look to their event.

Cargo Furniture Offers Folding Chairs for Rent

As you plan your birthday, wedding, or corporate event, it is vital to reserve a suitable number of chairs for seating. Seating is important as it can often make a massive difference at large parties, weddings, or events to the overall enjoyment and comfort of your guests.

At Cargo Furniture, we provide high-quality folding chair rentals for events and parties. When you are looking for wooden or plastic folding chairs for rent, there is only one reliable place you have to go: Cargo Furniture.

A Folding Chair for Every Event

Our affordable and sleek folding chairs are available in many colors, such as white, grey, black, blue, and red. They can support weights of up to 350 kg. Cargo Furniture’s rental folding chairs are perfect for various outdoor events, including picnics, and back yard gatherings. For example, you can use our heavy-duty plastic folding chair for your outdoor events, such as birthday parties. This is because they are all plastic and you do not have to worry if they get wet in the rain.

A Comprehensive Selection of Folding Chairs

Cargo Furniture offers the widest and most comprehensive selection of sturdy rental folding chairs for your event, party, banquet, or wedding reception. Our extensive selection of folding rental chairs is available in different colors, such as white, black, and natural wood, padded with and without comfort backs, depending on your needs.

In addition, we offer unmatched service, which delivers your folding chairs on time. Cargo Furniture has an unlimited supply of folding chairs in order to support any wedding, party, corporate event, or any special occasion.

Plastic Folding Chairs

Our white, black, and grey plastic folding rental chairs are an ideal choice for festivals and backyard parties, and your clients and guest will like them. When folded, these plastic chairs have groves that make them easily fit into each other. This makes them excellent for stacking. Versatile and reliable, our plastic folding chairs are ideal for BBQs, backyard parties, and any informal event.

Resin Folding Chairs

Cargo Furniture’s resin folding chairs are great as they combine elegance and comfort that looks stunning at any special event, such as weddings and parties. From concerts and small gatherings to fundraisers and weddings, these lightweight and sturdy folding chairs will always look trendy and fantastic. They are a perfect choice for both outdoor and indoor use.

Blow-molded Folding Chairs

Our timeless blow-molded plastic folding chairs have a strong and ergonomically designed blow-molded seat with a beautiful back for superior comfort. We contour them for ultra comfort with their tall back and wide seat, making them the most durable, lightweight, simple to handle chairs on the market. They will add style and flair to any special event.

Wimbledon Chairs

Our Wimbledon chairs have a clean and simple style and can complement various wedding settings. Whether you are preparing for an anniversary, a ceremony, party, or a corporate event, our wooden Wimbledon chairs will meet your specific needs and preferences. These elegant and stylish chairs will highlight your outdoor or indoor event without any need for chair covers and bows, which means you have one less thing to worry about.

Our folding chairs provide you with a way to keep your guests happy and comfy in their seats for as long as necessary! Wimbledon chairs are also great as you can easily store them away when you do not need them, which saves space.

Wood Folding Chairs

With a bold grain and a visually appealing stain, our wooden folding chairs can add a lot of rustic charm and elegance to any event, such as weddings and corporate dinners. Wood folding chairs are perfect for country-style parties and weddings, backyard BBQs, and almost any outdoor event. And our clients love their versatility and elegance. Our natural wood folding chairs are the best solution for weddings, banquets, graduations, and many other upscale and chic events.

Our padded folding chairs can be an elegant and sophisticated addition to any event. We can help add some flair and style to any type of event that you have in mind. The great thing about our padded folding chairs is that they comprise of resin. The material resists scratches and scuffs, as well as chipping, like other versions. Our wood folding chairs will certainly give your dinner party or event a sophisticated and classic look for only a fraction of the cost of other chairs.

Rely On Cargo Furniture for Your Folding Chair Needs

You know you can rely on Cargo Furniture for your various party and wedding rental needs and folding chair rentals. We specialize in making your client’s special event unique and memorable and grow your rental business.