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Plastic Folding Tables

Are you hosting a wedding or a birthday party and need more table space for dining or serving? We are one of the leading manufacturers and wholesalers of tables and other wedding and event furniture. We provide plastic tables in a variety of sizes and shapes for both outdoor and indoor use for your different events, such as bridal showers and bar mitzvahs.

When entertaining for your special event or occasion, such as a swanky wedding party, Cargo Furniture helps you seat your guests and clients comfortably with high-quality tables and chairs. We are a premium wholesaler of top-notch events and wedding furniture.

Every event, such as a wedding or bridal shower, needs tables and chairs; however, that does not mean they have to be boring. You can add creativity and variety when selecting these party event essentials. This is because it is a simple and elegant way to set the stage for your overall event design and actually make your occasion or event stand out!
Diverse Selection of Plastic Tables
Our extensive selection of premium rectangular, square, and round tables gives you many choices to entertain your guests and make your special event memorable. Our most popular banquet tables are great as they can seat 6-8 guests. If you like round plastic tables, we also sell 48-inch round tables that seat up to six guests.

Rectangular Plastic Tables
Our 5-foot rectangular plastic tables have a waterproof, impact, and stain-resistant top. These plastic tables are an ideal addition to your birthday party, wedding rental, church event, corporate dinner, or any other special event.

They comprise of high-density polyethylene, making them an excellent and durable choice for both outdoor and indoor use. The great thing about our tables is that they are available at an affordable price, which makes them a go-to option for people who are planning grand openings, corporate events, graduation parties, weddings, and family reunions.

Cargo Furniture can also provide you with table covers, centerpieces and linens to add excitement and vibrancy to your party or wedding. So, reserve your party rental tables and chairs online today.
Square Plastic Tables
The 34-inch square folding table features a durable and stain-resistant top. The plastic tabletop is white and has locking legs with protective floor caps. Each square table rental can seat 4 to 6 people.

While these types of square folding tables are excellent for any type of event, party, or meeting, they work really well for various outdoor events, such as weddings. If you are having a wedding or birthday party, do not forget to get an extra square table or two for gifts or a food spread.

You can use these sturdy square tables, as they are, with your covers or tablecloths or with one of the fantastic tablecloth options we have available.

Round Plastic Tables
The 48-inch round plastic table is one of Cargo Furniture’s most popular products! This table can accommodate six people comfortably. These tables are durable and stain-resistant. The folding legs make them easy to set up and tear down while the large surface area of these tables is excellent for picnics, weddings, or dinner parties.
Cocktail Tables
Our cocktail tables are ideal as you can transport them easily. This is because they are lighter than their wooden counterparts. At Cargo Furniture, you will find an assortment of cocktail tables, folding tables, wood farm tables, as well as specialty tables. With a variety of shapes, finishes, and heights available from Cargo Furniture, you will surely find what you are looking for to make your event special.