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Are you looking for arm chairs, such as banquet chairs with arms or Belle chairs with arms, for your special event? Our banquet arm chairs, such as ghost chairs with arms, are the chairs of choice for various events as well as banquet seating. Being conventional, yet lovely and elegant these arm chairs supplement any type of party décor; from elegant and trendy ballrooms to sophisticated settings, they can blend in seamlessly.

Strike the Right Balance Of Function and Form

Cargo Furniture’s banquet chairs with arms exemplify the balance of function and form. Renowned for sturdiness, unsurpassed comfort, and lifetime value, we engineer and manufacture each design meticulously with our customers’ needs and preferences in mind.

Our acrylic chairs with arms are sturdy chairs for banquet halls and reception halls. They have an armrest to support you. Our ghost chairs with arms are popular and are ideal for use in restaurant dining halls, hotel conference halls, and many other events, such as cocktail parties.

Cargo Furniture Can Meet Your Diverse Requirements

Cargo Furniture manufactures banquet seating with arms that satisfy a broad and diverse range of customer requirements across many markets: ballroom dining, large event seating, convention, and conference seating. We can also accommodate the requirements of training, club, and meeting venues.

Banquet and Dining Chairs with Arms – Safer and Comfortable Seating With Armrests

Our banquet and dining chairs with arms are perfect for event venues. Our top-quality armchairs are excellent for weddings, churches, lobbies, hotels, restaurants, auditoriums, institutions, or conference rooms. Our banquet chairs with arms use top-quality metals and sponges, and the immaculate craftsmanship ensures you get reliable, robust, and durable seating for all your events.

Arm banquet chairs and ghost chairs with arms can accommodate both residential and industrial seats from small events to large parties. Backrests and cushioned seats provide unmatched comfort and support for your guests or clients.

Cargo Furniture offers the widest and most comprehensive selection of armchairs for your event, party, banquet, or wedding reception to make your event memorable.

Acrylic Arm Chairs

These chairs are perfect for a head table or lounge. A great and elegant look for most occasions, such as parties, our acrylic chair will be the talk of your guests or clients as they enter your event.

Banquet Chairs with Arms

The banquet chairs with arms are very popular in hotel parties, conferences, wedding ceremonies, schools, hotel restaurants halls, banquets, and other events. These chairs are excellent as they provide a comfortable, sturdy, and supportive seat that your guests and clients are sure to enjoy.

Ghosts Chairs with Arms

Our ghost chairs with arms are the ultimate in modern and stylish seating! Clear, transparent chairs, they get their name, as you will be able to see right through them. Their modern and chic style is very versatile and can work well whether you pair them with metal, wood, or linen. While a majority of our furniture inventory is arm-less, Cargo Furniture carries ghost chairs with arms for accenting areas, such as head tables, and sweetheart table, etc.

Wedding Rentals

Cargo Furniture provides wedding rentals you can rely on! We offer products and services ranging from chairs and tables to linens, tablecloths, centerpieces, decorations, catering, and much more! Cargo Furniture is a premium wholesaler of top-notch furniture for wedding receptions and bridal showers. If you can imagine it, Cargo Furniture can help all your wedding dreams come true.

Being one of the largest furniture rental companies, our inventory is unmatched, providing you the certainty that we can meet all your needs and requirements for your special day.

Make Your Event Memorable

Cargo Furniture wants to make sure that every stage of your special event, such as a wedding or corporate event, goes exactly as planned. And this is why we put so much time and effort into delivering premium arm chairs at an affordable price.

Cargo Furniture provides equipment and expertise for all types of special events, such as birthdays and weddings. We specialize in equipment and furniture for events, like weddings, festivals, birthdays, corporate conferences, and more. But unlike many of our competitors, we will never skimp on quality.