How to buy a durable banquet chair with high quality

Three chairs in different material are compared in many aspects

The banquet chair has been widely used in various occasions since its inception, such as star hotel banquet hall, conference hall, restaurants, parties, wedding occasions and so on. Traditional metal banquet chairs can be divided into the following types according to the different production materials: Aluminum chairs, steel chairs, and, in recent years, stainless steel chairs, next, let’s compare their strengths and weaknesses:

Types of banquet chair You Must know Below

1.Aluminum chairs
Aluminum banquet chair has been used in middle and high-end occasions due to their lightweight, easy handling, stacking number up to 15 per building, rust-free and durable, such as star hotels, banquet halls, conference rooms, etc. At the same time, it matches the colorful chair covers and chairs sashes, it can provide the assembly room with a more beautiful atmosphere. In the production of the aluminum banquet chair frame, a 1.8mm or 2.0mm pipe is used to shape through cutting, bending, drilling, welding, grinding, polishing, pickling, high-temperature mufti layer spraying, and multiple processes. Finally, it assembled with a high-density sponge chair cushions wrapped in fabric or leather. With the increasing improvement of production technology, the special design aluminum chair popular in the market, such as Chiavari chair, Napoleon chair, cross back chair, imitated wood banquet chair, etc., which are deeply loved by customers. 2.Steel banquet chairs
gold steel chair
Compared with aluminum chairs, steel chairs are cheaper and single in shape. They are made of 1.0mm or 1.2mm steel pipe. However, this chair is heavy in weight and low in stack height, which is easy to rust due to the influence of external environmental humidity and other factors. It is recommended to be used in the environment with low air humidity, and not in the air with salt near the sea. 3. Stainless steel wedding chairs
Gold wedding chairs have become increasingly popular in the furniture rental market in recent years, especially in the Middle East. This gold wedding chair is combined with various shapes of banquet tables, gold knives and forks, glass underplates, candle holder, chair covers, cake stand, artificial flowers, napkins and other wedding decorations, which can form a high-end event.
The chair material is made of a 204# stainless steel sheet, which is cut and formed by a large laser cutting machine, and the chair frame is welded together by thin plates. In the production process, it needs to be fully welded and polished, which is one of the reasons why the stainless steel chair is the most expensive of the three. As the shape of the stainless steel chair is big and the weight is the heaviest, each carton can only hold 4-6 chairs and the stacking height is not more than 5 PCS, which also causes the number of containers is far lower than the other two chairs.

Comparison diagram of three types of chairs

Comparison options list Aluminum chair Steel chair Stainless steel chair
The thickness of production material 1.8mm-2.0mm 1.0-1.2mm 1.2-1.5mm
Weight of the chair 4.5 kg 5.6 kg 6.8 kg
Chair surface treatment Powder coating Powder coating Gold chromed
Maximum number of containers(40FT HQ) 1350 pcs 1350 pcs 680 pcs
Stacking number 15 pcs 12 pcs 6 pcs
Rust or not No Yes Yes without glaze, no with glaze
Price of the chair Medium on the high side Medium on the low side High
Production process requirements Medium Low High
The hardness of production material Soft Hard Hard
Service life period More than 5 years 3 years 3-5 years
Chair bearing capacity 150kg 200kg 200kg
With chair cover or not Yes Yes Not recommended
Chair color selection As shown below As shown below As shown below

Technological process of production:

  • Cutting material.
Through the high-speed cutting machine, according to the production size of the chair, the producer should make the maximum use of the tubular product and cut it into different lengths, such as a chair back, seat frame, feet on both sides and tie rod and so on.
  • Bending and forming.
The shape of each chair is different. The production workers adjust the data and mold of the automatic bending machine according to the shape of the chair ordered by the customer. Before mass bending, they often need to test a few or more to check the bending angle, to see the quality of the bent pipe, whether it will be damaged, after passing the trial production,  they began to make large quantities of tube bending molding
  • Drilling.
During the production of chairs, holes should be reserved in the proper position to facilitate the installation and removal of the seat cushions by workers or customers and to remove unnecessary moisture during acid pickling and water filtration.
  • Welding.
The welding process directly determines the quality of the chair, Since the aluminum alloy is soft, more adhesion is needed between the tubes. This requires more welding of joints to increase the welding area, and welding of triangular joints at stress points to strengthen the bearing capacity of the chair. For the steel banquet chair, it should be weld the pipe in the necessary position during production. Although it is not as strict as the aluminum tube, it can not reduce the welding area, the insufficient welding area directly affects the load-bearing capacity of the chair. The stainless steel chair frame is formed by the welding combination of multiple stainless steel plates. During the welding process, it is easy to produce the situation that the temperature is too high and the plate fuses, etc., so the machine temperature needs to be adjusted well during the welding. Stainless steel plate joints need to be welded fully, without small holes after polishing, which is the good workmanship.
  • Polishing.
After welding, the chair frame needs to go through the polishing process to polish the excess welding spot in the welding place. The aluminum chair frame has a soft texture, which is the easiest to be polished smoothly. steel and stainless steel chair frames are hard and take more time to polish. Small holes are easily found during the polishing process, which needs to be filled with welding again until they disappear.
  • Polishing.
After the chair frame is polished, the surface of the whole chair is needed to be polished smoothly, which plays an important role in the appearance and texture of the stainless steel chair. After the chair polishing, it can increase the surface paint adhesion when spraying and electroplating, the color effect is better, the chair is more durable and quality is better.
  • Acid pickling
Acid pickling is the process of chemically removing excess impurities from the surface of the chair frame. Acid pickling is usually carried out for two or three times until the surface is free of impurities. Whether the pickling is clean or not determines the paint adhesion during spraying. If there are impurities on the surface of the chair frame, the paint can not be completely attached to the metal surface, which is easy to fall off in the future use, thus it is not durable. After acid pickling, it still needs to go through the filtration of clean water, the residual pickling material on the surface of the chair frame is removed, at this time the reserved hole will play the role of dredging water.
  • High-temperature spraying
After acid pickling, the chair frame is arranged to be dried at high temperature on a spray line, the dry frames will be transferred to the painting and coloring workshop for powder spraying or electroplating according to the customer’s requirements. Then the frames are colored and transported by the assembly line to the high-temperature oven for about 30 minutes until the surface is completely dry.
  • Installation
After the chair frame is finished spraying, the chair back cushions and seat cushions will be installed. The seat cushions to be installed are composed of high-density rebound sponge, 10 mm thick plywood, and the fabric or vinyl style selected by the guests, which can provide comfortable sitting and support. The seat cushion is fixed on the chair frame by screws so that the guest can easily remove and replace it.
  • Package
After the installation, the chairs will be inspected one by one by the professional quality inspection person. If any problems are found, they will be repaired in time. After the inspection, they will be packed with bubble bags to prevent damage when the chairs during transportation. In summary, the number of chair materials and the level of production technology determines the quality of the chair, generally speaking, the greater the weight of the chair is, the better the quality of the chair is, under the condition of the same materials. However, nowadays, the factory will reduce the quality of the chair by other means while keeping the appearance unchanged and increasing the weight of the chair, which is difficult for outsiders to judge. If you are interested in the method of judging, please contact us. We are happy to explain how to judge the quality of banquet chairs thoroughly, avoid the various quality traps of suppliers, and help you to develop the market. Thank you!